Product introduction
253MA is a nickel saving heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel designed for applications requiring high creep strength and good corrosion resistance. The operating temperature range is 850~1100 ℃.
Chinese name: 253MA stainless steel
Type: austenitic stainless steel
Attribute: a nickel saving and heat-resistant
Features: high creep strength and good corrosion resistance
1. Compared with 310S and 1Cr20Ni14Si2, it has better performance and lower price.
2. It has high strength at 900 ℃. In air, it can be used to 1150 ℃ without bearing pressure, and has good resistance to high temperature oxidation.
3. The short-time tensile strength at various temperatures is more than 20% higher than that of ordinary stainless steel (such as 304, 310S).
4. It has high temperature and long-term performance (creep performance, durability).
In addition to the alloy elements chromium and nickel, this brand of stainless steel also contains a small amount of rare earth metals (REM), which significantly improves its oxidation resistance. Nitrogen is added to improve the creep properties and make the steel a complete austenite. Although the content of chromium and nickel is relatively low, this stainless steel has the same high temperature characteristics as the highly alloyed alloy steel and nickel base alloy in many cases.

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