Product introduction
654SMO is a 7Mo type super austenitic stainless steel developed on the basis of 254SMO to increase the content of chromium, nickel and molybdenum. The PRE value (pitting equivalent) of this steel is up to 55. The nitrogen content in this steel can reach about 0.5%, which is almost the high solid nitrogen content of high chromium (about 24%) and low manganese (about 3%) stainless steels under normal pressure.
Density: 8.0g/cm ³

This steel has good corrosion resistance to various types, and can replace iron nickel base or even nickel base corrosion resistant alloys in many media, thus filling the gap between stainless steel and high nickel corrosion resistant alloys without high pitting corrosion resistance and high crevice corrosion resistance stainless steel.
654 SMO has excellent plasticity, toughness and strength properties higher than ordinary austenite and 6% Mo austenitic stainless steel, and its mechanical properties can even be comparable to some nickel base alloys.

654 SMO is mainly used for equipment, components, vessels, heat exchangers and pipelines used in flue gas purification environments such as chemical industry, seawater, paper industry and flue gas desulfurization (FGD).

National standard GB-T: digital brand: S32652, new brand: 015Cr24Ni22Mo8Mn3CuN, old brand:/00Cr24Ni22Mo7Mn3CuN

Chemical composition (%)
C≤0.02, Si≤0.50, Mn=2.0~4.0, P≤0.03, S≤0.005, Ni=24.0~25.0, Ni=21.0~23.0, Mo=7.0~8.0, Cu=0.45~0.55, N=0.45~0.55,

Relevant technical standards
Plate, Sheet, Strip plate, roll, tape ASTM A 240, A 480, ASME SA-240, SA-480
Pipe pipes ASTM A 312, ASTM A 358, ASME SA-312, ASME SA-358
Tubing pipes ASTM A 249, ASTM A 269, ASTM SA-249, ASME SA-269
Bar Bar ASTM A 276, ASTM A 479, ASME SA-479

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