Hastelloy C-22

Product introduction
Hastelloy C22 alloy has good resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. It has a good ability to resist oxidation of water medium, including wet chlorine, nitric acid or mixed acid of oxidizing acid containing chloride ions. At the same time, Hastelloy C22 alloy also has a good resistance to reducing and oxidizing environments encountered in the process. Depending on this performance, it can be used in some troublesome environments, or in factories with multiple production purposes. Hastelloy C22 alloy has an exceptional resistance to various chemical environments, including strong oxidizing substances, such as ferric chloride, copper chloride, chlorine, heat polluted solutions (organic and inorganic), formic acid, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, seawater and salt solutions. Hastelloy C22 alloy has the ability to resist the formation of grain boundary precipitation in the welding heat affected zone, so that it can also adapt to the application of many chemical processes in the welding state.

Metallographic structure
Hastelloy C22 is a face centered cubic lattice structure.

Corrosion resistance
Hastelloy C22 alloy is suitable for various chemical process industries containing oxidizing and reducing media. The higher content of molybdenum and chromium makes the alloy resistant to chloride ions, and tungsten further improves its corrosion resistance. Hastelloy C22 is one of the only materials that can resist the corrosion of moist chlorine, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solution. The alloy has good corrosion resistance to high concentration chloride solution (such as ferric chloride and copper chloride).

Chemical composition
Hastelloy C-22(UNS N06022/W N 2.4602)
Alloy grade % 鎳Ni 鉻Cr 鉬Mo 鐵Fe 鎢W 鈷Co 碳C 錳Mn 硅Si 釩Va 磷P 硫S
Ha C Small Allowance 14.5 15 4 3              
  Large   16.5 17 7 4.5 2.5 0.08 1 1 0.35 0.04 0.03
C22 Small Allowance 20.0 12.5 2 2.5              
  Large   22.5 14.5 6 3.5 2.5 0.015 0.5 0.08 0.35 0.02 0.02

Physical property
Density 8.9 g/cm³
Melting point 1325-1370 ℃

Small value of mechanical properties of Hastelloy C-22 alloy at room temperature
Alloy and condition Tensile strength Rm N/mm2 Yield strength RP0.2N/mm2 Elongation A5 %
Hastelloy C22 690 283 40

Application area
Hastelloy C22 alloy has been applied in chemical and petrochemical fields, such as elements and catalytic systems contacting organic compounds containing chlorides. This material is particularly suitable for use in high-temperature, impurity mixed inorganic and organic acids (such as formic acid and acetic acid) and seawater corrosive environments.

Other areas
1. Acetic acid/acetic anhydride
2. Acid leaching
3. Cellophane manufacturing
4. Chlorination system
5. Complex mixed acid
6. Roller of electrogalvanizing tank
7. Expansion bellows
8. Flue gas washer system
9. Geothermal well
10. Hydrogen fluoride furnace cleaner
11. Incineration washer system
12. Nuclear fuel regeneration
13. Pesticide production
14. Phosphoric acid production
15. Pickling system
16. Plate heat exchanger
17. Selective filtration system
18. Sulfur dioxide cooling tower
19. Sulfonation system
20. Tubular heat exchanger
21. Surfacing valve

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