N08926 / N08367

Product introduction
8926 has very high pitting and crevice corrosion resistance in halide medium and sulfur-hydrogen acidic environment, can effectively resist chloride ion stress corrosion, also has good corrosion resistance in oxidation and reducing medium, good stability, mechanical properties slightly better than 904L, can be used for -196 to 400℃ pressure vessel manufacturing.

Grade UNS W. Nr
25-6Mo N08926 1.4529

Mechanical properties
Minimum value at 20℃
抗拉強度 / Tensile Strength
屈服強度 / Yield Strength
σp0.2/ MPa
屈延伸率 / Elongatior
σ 5/%
650 295 35

Physical property
密度 / Density 熔點 / Melting point 磁性 / Magnetic
8.24g/cm³ 1320-1400℃

Chemical composition
牌號 / Grade % Ni Cr Fe C Mn Si Cu Mo N Ti P S
N08926 Min 24 19 Bal.       0.5 6.0 0.15 0.6    
Max 26 21 0.02 2 0.5 1.5 7.0 0.25 1.2 0.03 0.01

Flue gas desulfurization plant, evaporator, heat exchanger, filter and mixer for phosphoric acid production, sulfuric acid conveying plant, condenser, fire extinguishing system, seawater filtration system, hydraulic and recharging piping system in offshore industry, paper pulp system, salt evaporative condenser, contaminated cooling water piping system in power plant, reverse osmosis desalination plant, corrosive chemical transport storage tank, Halogen acid catalyzed organic production equipment.

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