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Strip the platform
Precision cutting platform slitting equipment. The winding weight is 32T and the inner diameter of the winding is 508mm to 610mm. It has the function of attaching paper and film. It has the advantages of high machining precision, eliminating the application of raw materials, and no scratch protection on the surface.

Bending forming platform
With large bending processing equipment -- 600T×7 meters CNC bending machine (bending machine pressure 600 tons, bending length 7 meters) mainly for some small bending machine can not meet the needs of large sheet metal parts for large bending processing services, and 4m/6m single CNC shearing plate bending machine, CNC lathes and other equipment.

Welding assembly platform
With years of strict standardized management, the company has a professional assembly welding parts processing team, with "honesty" and "faith" as the basic business philosophy, customer satisfaction as the purpose of service, committed to assembly welding parts processing projects. Professional equipment, experienced technical personnel, is our guarantee for customers.

Cutting and discharging platform
Cutting platform of plasma cutting, water cutting, laser cutting, flame cutting, sawing machine and other equipment. While expanding the processing scope, extending the processing field and improving the processing accuracy, we can realize nesting processing, multi-means cutting and intensive production to meet the diversified processing needs of customers, comprehensively improve the production and processing capacity and help customers save costs.

Strip processing
Strip processing is used for cutting metal raw coil materials;
Strip products are mainly used in electrical industry, automobile, stamping parts;
Can process all kinds of cold rolled raw coil materials, precision strip, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers;
Strip processing for automobile, agricultural vehicles, containers, home appliances, building materials and other sheet metal processing industry.

Open flat processing
The rolling weight of precision cutting platform transverse cutting equipment is 40T, with the function of attaching paper and film. The miter cutting equipment of medium thick plate can eliminate about 65% of the plate shape defects (such as side wave, belly wave, warping, transverse bending, etc.). Stacking function: air cushion stacking board, stacking frame, clapper function. It has the advantages of high machining precision, eliminating the application of raw materials, and protecting the plate surface.

Precision steel strip
Production equipment: American Senjimire ZR33-18 twenty bar precision mill
Us Senjimire 20 h precision mill, domestic 450 precision mill. Automatic plate shape control can guarantee the plate shape, thickness and precision of stainless steel belt. The wok material produced has been able to be used as a stable substitute material.
A new 650 US Senkimire 20-h precision mill has been officially put into operation.

Continuous bright annealing furnace
Full line digital control system, inlet and outlet seal design, using electric heating, pure hydrogen protection, high-speed convection cooling technology, to ensure the stable annealing performance of the steel strip and good surface quality.

Cleaning unit
Using professional production technology, alkali washing, cleaning, deionized water flushing, cleaning combination, to ensure the material surface quality.
A new 650mm cleaning unit has been commissioned and put into operation.

Production equipment: Germany Ungerer stretching bending straightening unit
The production line of ungerer is equipped with plate automatic control system, and the production process is fully digital control and management to ensure the flatness of the steel strip with different hardness.

Production equipment: Taiwan precision cutting unit
Taiwan slitting production line is equipped with the function of slitting stainless steel belt during operation. The shear thickness is 0.05mm~0.5mm, the width is 9mm-440mm, and the shear width tolerance can be up to 0.1mm. And a new set of 650 precision slitting units.

Oil grinding wire drawing
Single plate grinding equipment processing width of 4200mm, processing length of 12000mm, the thickness of the processing range of 0.3-200mm. In the medium and thick plate grinding can ensure that the board surface grinding uniform, no dead Angle, eliminate dust, particle pollution. The product quality can achieve the same effect as the cold rolled surface as the substrate.

Mirror finish
Mirror polishing is divided into mechanical and chemical solution mirror polishing. Mechanical mirror polishing is a process of polishing (rough grinding, fine grinding) and polishing processes on metal materials to achieve a flat, bright mirror-like surface. Chemical solution mirror polishing is the use of chemical solution to soak, remove the surface oxidation skin to achieve bright effect.

Surface plating color